We are in the Business of managing your most precious properties,
your home and community.



Randall Management has provided professional association management in Houston since 1979. State of the art management software and highly trained and experienced managers effectively manage all types of homeowner associations including single family homes, town homes, and condominiums.

Association Governance Services

As your management company, we admire your dedication to your community and realize that your time is valuable. Our highly trained staff is dedicated to making your role within the community as effective and time efficient as possible. We provide you with the information necessary to aid in your decision making processes. We assist in these processes and then carry out your orders in a prompt manner. As the day to day administrators of your community, we quickly become aware of issues surrounding your community. We provide unsurpassed customer service to the community and its association board members. Our services are designed to help you build a financially secure community and retain maximum resale values.

Business and Financial Services

Maintaining complete, accurate, and timely association financials are essential to maintain a sound community. We produce and manage with the board of directors all business and financial information your association will need to make sound decisions. Our services do not end with the collection of assessments. Our staff is always a phone call or e-mail away. Board training, budget preparation, filing of taxes and collection services round out our full service department.

Community Building Services

Our managers are dedicated to a community as though they lived there. They will play a key role in helping you building a sense of community and positively affect members’ perceptions of their association. We will do this through consistent communications and management of all aspects of a community in Houston. We believe a successful community begins with a strong and proactive Board whose role is further enhanced through the recruitment of proactive and empowered committee members.

Property Management Services

We know that a well-maintained property produces the highest returns for owners – and we’re proud to offer a long list of satisfied owners as testimony to our full range services and maintenance programs. We have a community manager that will visit your community on an on-going basis and ensure continued routine maintenance is per-formed. We focus on preventative maintenance and report our findings to the Board so that cost effective decisions can be made. We keep the Board updated as to the status of upcoming reserve expenditures and work with qualified vendors to ensure full range maintenance services are available.

Deed Restriction Enforcement:

Philosophy – Consistent and thorough deed restriction enforcement is essential for maintaining property values and preserving community pride. To be effective and fair to all of the residents of your community, deed enforcement must be consistent and thorough. Since the covenants and restrictions of most homeowner association documents are vaguely written.

Deed Restriction Policy – A detailed deed restriction enforcement policy should be adopted and adhered to on a consistent basis. We suggest that the policy be reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

ACC (Architectural Control Committee) Guidelines – A detailed guideline of common requests should be established to assure consistency in processing a homeowner’s request for a change to the exterior of his or her home. A procedure for processing applications needs to be written and adopted. Over the years, Randall Management has helped many Associations construct and revise their Deed Restriction Policy and ACC Guidelines. This is a service offered free of charge to our clients. In the event a deed restriction violation requires legal action, an established set of policy, guidelines and procedures, along with our computer generated Deed Restriction Reports, will help to establish your community’s constant and fair enforcement of deed restriction violations.

We provide:

Two thorough deed restriction and ACC violation inspections per month. Please note that additional inspections may be added to a contract or can be provided on request for a nominal fee.

Unlimited Violation letters Violation letters are computer generated and customized for each violation to provide a clear and precise request to correct a violation. A copy of the letter is automatically generated for both the homeowner and the tenant when applicable. Randall Management will follow your community’s Deed Restriction Enforcement Policy and will customize letters to meet your Association’s enforcement philosophy.

We have found a three letter sequence to be very effective:

First Letter -A friendly, but formal notice to remind or notify the owner that the violation exists and needs to be corrected on a timely basis. (Grace period or the number of days given to correct the violation will be customized according to your Deed Restriction Policy)

Second Letter – A friendly, but firm and formal warning that the violation needs to be corrected. The letter encourages the owner to contact the management company and provide a date that the violation will be corrected.

Third Letter -A third and final letter (unless your policy calls for an additional letter) with a firm final warning that the violation will be turned over to the attorney. Again, the letter urges the homeowner to contact the management company if the violation cannot be corrected in the time provided. Legal letters are usually avoided by using at least a three letter series.

Additional Services:

Digital Pictures– Pictures of serious violations are taken for your Deed Enforcement Policy. This pictures are placed on file in the event the violation requires legal action.

Coordinating Legal Deed Restriction Enforcement Action with your Association’s Attorney. Many Houston attorneys provide a free status report for each of the meetings. This provides an excellent check and balance system between our Deed Restriction Reports and the attorney’s office.

Court Appearances– Management Companies are required to appear in court and testify on behalf of the Association. Randall Management provides two court appearances per year at no charge.

24 Hour Emergency Service – We are on call twenty four hours a day by rotating a week at a time between eight different managers. The after hour emergency calls will initially be taken from the answering service to which our calls are forwarded at 5:00 p.m. until 8:30 a.m. If the call is of an emergency nature, the operator on duty will call or page the manager on call. The manager will respond by calling the person requiring assistance to determine more details and the exact nature of the call. Many of the so called emergencies are not the association’s responsibility, and these calls require explanations as provided by our managers on call.

The RMI property manager will attend monthly board meetings – In addition a deed inspector will be assigned to this account. The manager will attend all annual meetings and all monthly Board Meetings. We shall prepare all paperwork for the annual meeting including: notice, proxy, ballots, sign-in sheets, minutes from the prior meeting, financial copies and the annual budget.

Contribution at meetings – We try to make our opinion known whenever it is needed at meetings. We will advise you on your various options and provide historical information on which methods have been effective for Randall Management. We plan to work with Deed Restriction and ACC Committees and any other committees by giving them advice and helpful suggestions.

Accounting – All accounting is done in-house on our computers. Funds are kept separate via separate accounts for lock box money, checking and reserves for each property. All accounting of income is transferred daily by electronic transfer from the bank’s computer to our in-house computer. Our computers are all linked in a local area network so that all employees may retrieve information to help you, our clients.

Computer usage: We use windows XP Professional, “Microsoft Office 2000 Premium” for word processing, spread sheets and newsletters. Our association software is Promaster version 3.01 and is an integrated system for accounting, deed restrictions and work orders. In addition, we have “Tops Software”.

Assessment delinquencies– are collected based on the association’s adopted collection policy.

We use email routinely for Board Members who like to communicate through email for routine correspondence and also to distribute the minutes from the prior meeting.